Adept giveaway!

And we have winners!

After rolling from unique users who posted comment, the two lucky winners are:
Randy Parker and  Vega068 (UA) 
Update: no response in both cases, new winners: Jeff and ShadowZeka, again, 24 hours for response.
Update 2: One of winners haven’t responded, so new winner is: I_twistedfate_i

Congratulations, I will contact you here via PM, if you fail to contact me in 24h, I will roll another winners.

Hello defenders!

Adept is out, and after some testing I was able to determine new tower range and speed scaling (at least I think so, Hailstorm’s range seems exactly like SGT’s and speed like Harpy’s Perch), so you can now create both layouts and hero builds using her.
In layouts there is (for now) no option to select relic for tower X from original class and relic for same tower from gender swap version of this class, so when you will choose relic for flamethrower, all flamethrower will use in in planner, it won’t matter if you will use Apprentice or Adept tower. Due to that limitation and gender swapped hero having different towers, I will now be enabling Initiate on layouts (and automatically in speed calculator).

And of course, I laid my hands on two Adept hero codes to give you guys, this time I will make it simple. Just drop a comment for a chance to win Adept hero (you can’t own Adept, otherwise your code won’t work).

Giveaway will end in about 36 hours (saturday, around 4pm EDT), after rolling 2 winners I’ll announce it and contact them here via PM, you will have 12 hours to respond, if you won’t respond, I’ll be rerolling new winners.

Good luck!