Bugfixes and some info after survey

Hello Defenders!

Thank you for filling the survey, keep it coming! In the meantime I saw some requests/reports I would like to answer right away:

whenever I try to add a shard to my collection, it puts the checkmark on the shard, but when I go into my profile the shards collected amount isn’t updated, and when I go back into the shards page, the shard I selected isn’t checked like it was

Adding shards to checklist was indeed bugged, thank you for pointing that out. Fixed.

I prefer if the shard database is quicker to access.

I will be tring to somehow optimize shards database, it may be problematic, but I will see what I can do. I won’t give you any ETA on that tho.

It would be nice if you could create builds on mobile devices

You can! Decks, Heroes, Layouts, if you have any problems with that, don’t hesitate to ask me 

I would love to see some information on how to upgrade such as typing in stats of an item and it saying that it’s the max for C3 or even C4 that way we can tell when we’re ready for another chaos.

Maybe add in a thing to convert prices of items to other qualities like some of those spreadsheets do.

I only added max sell values since many of you wanted that on dd2tools, but the ONLY relatively important information from Max stats page are max possible C7 stats (so you will know what is “cap” of current gear endgame gear so you can do some min-maxing). When progressing you simply need to equip items with better stats to get better loot, that’s all, also you don’t need best items for given difficulty in order to progress to next one. So I’m not planning on adding any calculator of that type. 

I will be still accepting surveys, it’s very helpful to know what you all think instead just looking at analytics to figure out what you may need or want. Quick summary of survey: for now top wanted feature is ascension in hero builder, and most used part of the page is shard database.