Changes, new feature.. and bugfixes

Hi all, some time passed since my last post, so I’m writing a little update, this time with actual “something new”.

It turns out, waiting with releasing planner was good decision, changes shown in latest DevStream gave me some additional work with Incursions and new class. While i still don’t know what maps will be in all incursions, I had at least some time to plan ahead for that change. I still have some minor bugfixes in planner to take care of.

Meanwhile, I managed to fix some issues and change some things.

  • Likes system was replaced, I have control over registered/guest likes and you can see what you liked on your profile page (unfortunately, I had to reset all likes).
  • Help system was changed, now a little question mark icon in top left corner on some pages will have ‘splash’ effect if you haven’t seen any help yet, and after clicking on it, there will actually be help! (No way!)
  • Some search functions didn’t work properly, now all will work as planned, hero, tag, game type/difficulty, keyword etc.
  • I also managed to seriously compress whole website and make it waaay faster, with that, some of tools I used here had to go
  • And lots of other minor bugfixes

I also wanted to make scaling table/charts for every stat of every tower based on some spreadsheets others made, but.. It would be SO MUCH WORK! Don’t get me wrong, I’m planning to do that, but only after layout planner will work flawlessly and I will finish some more things I want to do here. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do at least part of it.

So… new feature is…

Most of the questions I was getting (and it was in my top3) was about defense speed scaling calculator, and since speed is only stat with known caps and everyone would love to clearly see what impact adding [Defense Rate] instead [Enhanced Poison] will have, or simply what speed stat will allow to hit defense speed cap without equipping [Defense Rate] etc.

So here it is: Defense speed scaling calculator, and here is a little preview:

Hope you will find as useful as I am, and of course, be back in few days for brand new and awesome Layout planner!

If you have any ideas or suggestions on what could/should I do, please drop a comment!