Connecting with multiple social networks

Hi all, i saw some of you tried to sign in with multiple social networks here, it’s not that simple 😀 While using social networks is for now most secure way to handle users (dd2tools does not collect any sensitive data), it’s also most complicated one (especially when using multiple social networks). I will be trying to figure out a way to let you connect accounts somehow, so you will have one account with same options and same badges, but it may take a while.

In the meantime, if you want to connect with multiple social networks, I can help you with that.

Steps are simple:

  1. Connect with desired social networks, one by one.
  2. Collect your public profile urls:

    If your profile URLs are the same, that means you had same emails set on dd2tools and social network you were connecting with, so accounts are already merged.
  3. Sign in with account you want to be your main (if you already posted some comments or builds while being signed in with google for example, that should be your main account)
  4. Send me private message with all your profile urls and send me a note just to be sure, which one should be your main account (I’ll move content from other accounts and assign it to your main, but you know… not everything can go according to plan).
  5. If I will be in doubt if you are the owner of all the accounts (different IPs etc), I’ll contact you.

After account merge, you should remember, that your avatar will be the one you have on social network you are currently signed in with.