Glimpse into the future of dd2tools

Hello folks, after new expansion I had to make a decision about this website future. I don’t have the time to play DD2, not to mention developing dd2tools. Even small changes like barbarian introduction to the game were hard to do, and on top of that, after finding the time to make those changes, I still haven’t got images required to publish new class in hero builder.

New expansion would require me to play, analyze, and get necessary data about new features, then make the changes/add new features here. Maybe that doesn’t look hard, it’s not that easy, as far as I can see, some core functionalities here would have to be rewriten. So considering all that, lack of time, and server payments I’ve decided I’ll be shutting down the website.

Domain is paid to the end of February 2019, I’ll be hosting dd2tools till then.
I’m sorry I couldn’t keep up with the game, but… well, I simply couldn’t, shit happens ;]

For those of you asking if I can share the website so you can continue developing it, I honestly don’t know (more accurately: I don’t think so). As far as I know, considering GDPR, I can’t share database even if it has as little user info as it’s required to link accounts to social networks (GDPR was also the reason for unlinking PayPal and Patreon from dd2tools). There are also licensed plugins I’m using here I know I can’t share, and this website relies heavily on some of them.

Still…. because there is still quite a lot of time for domain to expire, things may change, I may find some time to focus on DD2