Onslaught Endgame: Apprentice Utility Tower Builder

< Builder Hero Overview: Utility Tower Builder > I don't use the Apprentice's towers quite often, but they have some niche uses that I don't get from some other defenses.  The Flamethrower Tower is sometimes my substitute for Ramsters due…

equip: 20%, stats:
def: 75%, utilized: Flamethrower Frostbite Eartshatter
onsview build

Trials Progression: Apprentice Flamethrower Builder

< Builder: Flamethrower Tower > Flamethrower Towers are not as versatile and convenient as Flame Auras, but Flamethrower Towers have their uses for C2 and C5 (auras can get disabled there).  They are still useful AoE defenses, but they need…

equip: 20%, stats:
def: 25%, utilized: Flamethrower
C2, C5 trialsview build

Builder for normal campaign

Damage/Speed for towers Health for wall Damage/Health fo defender Never forget to equip shards White and green equips are usually trash, aways use blue or better equips This defender can solo all the campaign, but it is easier if you…

equip: 37%, stats:
def: 7%
campview build



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