All-purpose Huntress (almost), PDTress

This one will deal really nice dps with simple lazy-leftclick aiding you with some CC and ofc badass PDT. I'm using PDT with Medallion and [Destruction] since i found it to give best results for poison dps. If you are…

equip: 97%, stats:
def: 25%, utilized: Poison Dart Tower
C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7 camp, trials, inc, onsview build

Deck of Infamous sakis2011

This is my personal deck i use to farm from Campaign to Chaos 7 without bring new heroes in my deck or anything. Those 4 heroes are hybrid builds that i use for the entire defense builds but for DPS…

Camp, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7view deck

Critical Hit: Sectumsempra

Ascension 20 Madness duration, 999 HD whatever 20 HC, 999 HCD Do NOT get the Ascension talent that increases her total appeasement. All of her special effects are based around a percent of how much her appeasement is filled. If you…

equip: 100%, stats:
C4, C5, C6, C7 view build

Doom Crits & World Tree Buffs: Raan Mir Tah!!!

This build gives you a tanky, murderous Dryad DPS while at the same time giving you the ultimate support defense. You have permanent Blessing, Worm Scarf, and Bulwark, so you're a top tier tank right next to Squire. All the…

equip: 100%, stats:
def: 20%, utilized: World Tree
C3, C4, C5, C6, C7 view build

Dark Torment & Obelisk: Dur Neh Viir!!!

You can use [Tormented Power] in place of [Debilitating Madness] if you want, but Debilitating is better . Obelisk is currently in a bad place due to the flame being gutted, but it still provides global buffs and the Smite…

equip: 100%, stats:
def: 25%, utilized: Obelisk
C4, C5 view build

Frosties & Manabomb: Faas Ru Maar!!!

For the last slot, pick one of these two: [Frosty Power] or [Empowered Frostbite]. Either will work, but if [Frosty Power] means using a Medallion and [Empowered Frostbite] means using a Totem. Do NOT waste a slot on [Frosty Bind].…

equip: 100%, stats:
def: 25%, utilized: Frostbite
C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 view build

Skyguard & Chi-Poles: Joor Zah Frul!!!

You can swap out [Deadly Strikes] for [Vampiric Empowerment] if you think the range from the gambit is enough. ASCENSION: - 20 Heroic Heal, 999 Chi Blast or 999 Pole Smash (Pick whichever you like more.) - 999 Skyguard DP…

equip: 100%, stats:
def: 25%, utilized: Sky Guard Tower
C3, C4, C5 view build

Dummies & Crit Machine: Mul Qah Diiv!!!

Pretty much any of the Hero shards can be swapped out for whatever you feel like using, but I'd say these result in the best combo effect. Basically, if anything attacks you, it dies. If you attack anything with your…

equip: 100%, stats:
def: 25%, utilized: Dummy
C5 view build

Knights & Orcs: Gol Hah Dov!!!

WEAPON: You can switch out [Overwhelm] for [Inspiring Strikes] if you want to. Whichever you prefer. HELMET: Feel free to replace [Abyss Knight's Bargain] with [Power Overwhelming] if you want. I find that it's difficult to sustain your mana pool…

equip: 100%, stats:
def: 25%, utilized: Skeletal Orc
C4, C5, C6, C7 view build



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