Layout Planner status update

Nope, planner is not ready 🙂

I came across some problems i can’t find a way to deal with when programming planner. EV2 beams and responsiveness of planner are HUGE pain in the code and i will have to deal with them longer than i suspected. The main problem is i want this planner to be way better than i did back in the day, that means i’m planning to make planer with following features in addition to what had:

  • (DONE) full mobile/touch support both while building and while viewing layout
  • (DONE) defenses attack cone indicators (HELL YEAH, i will do that!), you will see what def will attack where after turning on attack ranges/cones
    (NOT YET DONE) ranges will be calculated based on in-game range + 50 points in gambit, [Deadly Strikes] won’t be calculated…. BUT it will be added and range will be calculated automatically from connected heroes if you have it there – wait what!? (also [Frosty Duet] etc will be taken into calculations if you will have it equipped in connected hero builds).
  • (DONE) aura AoE indicators (as you see above, it’s already working)
  • (DONE) neat baddies paths you can toggle: ground, air AND sub-objective paths/spawns
  • connection with hero builds you created and hopefully connecting each defense to defense from hero build and showing shards tooltips while hovering defenses!
  • (DONE)custom markers

But like i said, because i want it to be PERFECT i want everything to be as much realistic as it could be, i want it to be so perfect, i was drawing each and every defense myself for over a week in my spare time:

After i will get all defenses to work and i will be working on saving/loading + connecting hero builds, then i would love help from anyone who can offer it. I need testing group for testing map scaling and defenses scaling.If you are willing to help, please drop a comment or msg me directly via private message here. When i will be ready i will give you access to planner for testing scaling.

Thank you all for your patience and support, special thanks go to:

  • sakis2011Shards contributor who helped me with updating spawn/paths/DU info of every map in game
  • Lars, creator of dd2.shadowlauch planner for giving me green light if i will decide to use parts of his code (for now i didn’t, most of coding i did from scratch or based on my code from
  • me, for creating amazing and allowing me to use parts of code 😀
  • CubicleNinja for creating first planner for DD1 there was

As for ETA… i’m hoping to finish the planner with all above features by the end of June, but i don’t know how much free time i will have.

PS: above image is screen from already working planner (or at least from parts that work :D)