Mastery solo 100% dryad build c3 The throne room

It good only on mastery c3 The  Throne room, Here defense shards

MIN ASC: 250defenses used: Dryad
C3 masteryview layout

The throne room, that layout work everywhere

This layout was created for easy completion of the card, so you can build on this scheme. nimbus is better to use the sky tower as the nimbus in addition to causing damage to those who fly it deals and…

MIN ASC: 250defenses used: MonkDryad
C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7 camp, trials, mastery, inc, onsview layout

Molten Citadel Chaos 2 (Mastery) build

I will add a link to the video when I release it so it's easier to build please be patient since it was build by 2 players ^^ < said video

defenses used: DryadMystic
C2 trialsview layout

Chaos 6 Mastery – Unholy Catacombs

For those struggling with this map, here's a very simple build for it. The Earth Shatters clear the two bottom lanes, then you hold the other two lanes with hero damage. Skyguard deals with air, although you may need several…

defenses used: ApprenticeAdeptSquireHuntressMonkAbyss LordMystic
C6view layout



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