Mastery Shards

Hi folks, long time no news lol.
I can’t seem to find much time to play DD2 lately, not to mention develop dd2tools further, but I will try to make some changes to accept new Hyper Shards. It requires changing few things a little, showing those shards a little differently and allowing you to report them with proper stars number required as “drop location”. Because changes will be made to drop location scripts, I will try to also change some other behaviors so it will be possible to somehow indicate in what Incursion shards drop or if they are map-specific (like in Yeti’s case).

Meanwhile please report new hyper shards (descriptions, slot, etc etc) as every other shard since I won’t be able to play myself. If you can, please provide a link to a screen in shard description when sending shard update request.

Quick reminder, to add a shard to dd2tools, use button in lower right corner of shards page.

Happy farming!