Thank you, congratulations

Giveaway ended, after few rerolls, happy winners are  ShadowZeka and  I_twistedfate_i. Congratulations, thank you all, and big thanks to Trendy for sending those codes!

Thank you all for using dd2tools, thank you for kind words, I’m really proud I’ve managed to make such website. And I’m sorry I’m not very active lately, there were no major updates because I have hard time in RL, work, family etc.
But I want to assure you, I’m still here, I still have plans for new features and updates, but I simply need to make time for it.

Remember, if you want, you can support dd2tools with Patreon or PayPal

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Adept giveaway!

And we have winners!

After rolling from unique users who posted comment, the two lucky winners are:
Randy Parker and  Vega068 (UA) 
Update: no response in both cases, new winners: Jeff and ShadowZeka, again, 24 hours for response.
Update 2: One of winners haven’t responded, so new winner is: I_twistedfate_i

Congratulations, I will contact you here via PM, if you fail to contact me in 24h, I will roll another winners.

Hello defenders!

Adept is out, and after some testing I was able to determine new tower range and speed scaling (at least I think so, Hailstorm’s range seems exactly like SGT’s and speed like Harpy’s Perch), so you can now create both layouts and hero builds using her.
In layouts there is (for now) no option to select relic for tower X from original class and relic for same tower from gender swap version of this class, so when you will choose relic for flamethrower, all flamethrower will use in in planner, it won’t matter if you will use Apprentice or Adept tower. Due to that limitation and gender swapped hero having different towers, I will now be enabling Initiate on layouts (and automatically in speed calculator).

And of course, I laid my hands on two Adept hero codes to give you guys, this time I will make it simple. Just drop a comment for a chance to win Adept hero (you can’t own Adept, otherwise your code won’t work).

Giveaway will end in about 36 hours (saturday, around 4pm EDT), after rolling 2 winners I’ll announce it and contact them here via PM, you will have 12 hours to respond, if you won’t respond, I’ll be rerolling new winners.

Good luck!

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Word on shard drops

I’m constantly getting shard update requests, some of them are description corrections, updated damage numbers, but some of them are different drops.

While I’m able to verify descriptions easily, I won’t be changing shard packs until I will verify new information by myself or by my trusted helpers.
Some time after trials update I received shard drop locations (packs) from Trendy for shards in Camp to C5, and for now, none of shard updates regarding those specific shard drops were true, I can’t recall shard update of C6 and C7 shards with different drop location than reported originally to be true either (but those were never confirmed by Trendy).

So please, if you are sure, you got specific shard from different shard pack than you see here, use edit (pencil) button on that shard in shard list page, change the drop  and send update request, but it will take a while before I will be able to verify that information.

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Last Dryad Bundle code left to win!

The contest went amazing, all 5 winners received codes within 2 hours, but as I told you, I have one more code left to give!

So here we go, some time ago I have created dd2tools discord server, it’s not for gathering community, it’s for anyone who would like to contact me, talk about dd2tools, or do some theorycrafting with community.
To advertise it a little I have decided to use this server to create giveaway of last Dryad code.

What you need to do to win Dryad bundle:

  • You can NOT own Dryad hero
  • Join DD2 Tools discord server:
  • Go to #giveaway channel and add :tada: reaction to bots giveaway message
  • Wait for the giveaway to end and check if you won
  • I’ll contact you via direct message on discord if you won
  • After failing to respond to my message within 8 hours, I will reroll the winner

And… you can also use the new dd2tools discord BOT (!) there (bot is also available on official dd2 discord).

Good luck to all!

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Dryad giveaway winners!

Wow, simply WOW, so many builds and layouts, so many likes. But there can be only so many winners.

And so, the winners are:

I’ll contact the winners very soon, please check your private messages here, on dd2toos and respond withing 24 hours, then I will send you the codes. If you will fail to do that, I’ll have to find a new winners.

Rest of you – amazing entries, and please stay tuned, there is ONE MORE DRYAD BUNDLE to give… Once I will give the codes to winners above, I’ll tell you how to get it!

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Dryad giveaway!

Hello defenders, welcome after my 2 weeks absence.

I’m returning to you with another giveaway, this time you have a chance to win 5 DRYAD BUNDLES (containing dryad hero AND shadow armor costume!), Codes work for every console! I was thinking of simple drop the comment giveaway, but because there are soooo little Dryad hero builds and layouts with Dryad defenses I’ll make it a contest, and the rules are simple, simply show how would you use Dryad:

  • You have to be registered here
  • You can NOT own Dryad hero
  • Create Dryad hero build OR layout with majority (at least half) of Dryad defenses
  • You don’t have Dryad yet if you want to take part in this contest, so your builds OR layouts will be most likely guesses based on your “wannabe dryad” or what you saw others used, but try to be creative and create something that could be useful
  • Post link to your build OR layout here in comments so I will know you are indeed are taking part in this giveaway and advertise your build OR layout to get most likes
  • Most liked hero builds and layouts will win
    • Only number of likes will count, there will not be split for codes for X best layouts and X best builds, simply top 6 of both will win the codes
  • You can only post one Dryad build OR layout with Dryad defenses, that is to prevent spam of builds
  • Only builds and layouts created from this moment forward will count
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