Dryad giveaway!

Hello defenders, welcome after my 2 weeks absence.

I’m returning to you with another giveaway, this time you have a chance to win 5 DRYAD BUNDLES (containing dryad hero AND shadow armor costume!), Codes work for every console! I was thinking of simple drop the comment giveaway, but because there are soooo little Dryad hero builds and layouts with Dryad defenses I’ll make it a contest, and the rules are simple, simply show how would you use Dryad:

  • You have to be registered here
  • You can NOT own Dryad hero
  • Create Dryad hero build OR layout with majority (at least half) of Dryad defenses
  • You don’t have Dryad yet if you want to take part in this contest, so your builds OR layouts will be most likely guesses based on your “wannabe dryad” or what you saw others used, but try to be creative and create something that could be useful
  • Post link to your build OR layout here in comments so I will know you are indeed are taking part in this giveaway and advertise your build OR layout to get most likes
  • Most liked hero builds and layouts will win
    • Only number of likes will count, there will not be split for codes for X best layouts and X best builds, simply top 6 of both will win the codes
  • You can only post one Dryad build OR layout with Dryad defenses, that is to prevent spam of builds
  • Only builds and layouts created from this moment forward will count
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DD2 Tools updated with 1.03 patch changes!

Hello Defenders!

If you don’t know yet, there is amazing balance and quality of life 1.03 patch available for DD2, here are the patch notes. Patch changed few things, both planner and speed scaling calculator were affected here, on dd2tools. But as you remember, even tho I’m on 2-weeks off from work, I was planning to update dd2tools as soon as possible, and fortunately Trendy posted very clear patch notes, and I was able to update ranges and speeds of defenses.

While I haven’t checked every single tower, I’m 99% sure all new calculations and ranges are correct, plus I found some undocumented changes to some towers:

  • Ballista speed cap decreased from 1,25s to 1s
  • Earthshatter speed cap decreased from 1s to 0,75s
  • PDT base range decreased from 3000 to 2500

Go ahead and enjoy new update, and remember to claim free 4000 Defender Medals.
If you will find anything that needs to be changed after 1.03 patch that I’ve missed, please let me know in comments, PM or on dd2tools discord.

For anyone asking: I won’t be updating planner with walls range indicator as it would be difficult to do. Thankfully it’s not a major thing because all of you already know how walls behave and what range every wall have. I might update planner with traps trigger radius, but it won’t be done anytime soon.

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Some dd2tools stats

Hi there all!

I have a little update for you. At the moment I’m working on a little nice semi-secret project I will reveal soon… And it’s awesome ;]
Also, I have a little update for all of you who share builds and layouts with your friends and community. After some small tweaks, instead seeing that after sharing link to build or layout (Discord example):

You will see this (for layouts):

and this (for hero builds):

I still can’t get how reddit is fetching thumbnails, should be using OpenGraph, but it’s somehow not displaying image. But I won’t give up that easily and soon I’ll handle reddit too 🙂

And as an addition, I wanted to share with you some dd2tools constantly growing stats!


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Connecting with multiple social networks

Hi all, i saw some of you tried to sign in with multiple social networks here, it’s not that simple 😀 While using social networks is for now most secure way to handle users (dd2tools does not collect any sensitive data), it’s also most complicated one (especially when using multiple social networks). I will be trying to figure out a way to let you connect accounts somehow, so you will have one account with same options and same badges, but it may take a while.

In the meantime, if you want to connect with multiple social networks, I can help you with that.

Steps are simple:

  1. Connect with desired social networks, one by one.
  2. Collect your public profile urls:

    If your profile URLs are the same, that means you had same emails set on dd2tools and social network you were connecting with, so accounts are already merged.
  3. Sign in with account you want to be your main (if you already posted some comments or builds while being signed in with google for example, that should be your main account)
  4. Send me private message with all your profile urls and send me a note just to be sure, which one should be your main account (I’ll move content from other accounts and assign it to your main, but you know… not everything can go according to plan).
  5. If I will be in doubt if you are the owner of all the accounts (different IPs etc), I’ll contact you.

After account merge, you should remember, that your avatar will be the one you have on social network you are currently signed in with.

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New map!

Thanks to Trendy, I have new map image, and thanks to amazing DD2 community (Thank you spxrk__!) I was able to gather and add paths, spawns and set proper map scaling.

So happy planning Revenge of the Yetis!

If i had map scaling or paths wrong, please let me know, I’ll correct that.

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New Badges system is here!

Hi defenders, lately i was thinking how to engage you all, make you post builds and layouts for other… I made some corrections to the page, for example I haven’t realized social buttons in menu were mistaken with profile links while they are links for signing in with given provider, so I made little correction, and I can already see increase in registrations. That’s awesome, more of you will post builds and layouts, more will learn.

But changing small visual element in menu is not all, I had an idea, add some kind of “achievements” to dd2tools, so I came up with badges/ranks system (thank you Trendy for giving me your blessing). Now on dd2tools there will be 2 badges, one is typical forum rank, more comments you post, higher rank 4 upgrades you will be (rank will be displayed on your avatar in comments and under your nickname on your profile).

But way more awesome thing is badges system. You can earn different badges by posting specific content, getting specific amount of likes etc. After unlocking badge, you will be able to select one in settings page of your profile. Badge then will be displayed everywhere on the right side of your nickname (or on the right side of comment).

List of badges

Hope you like it, and… happy hunting! 😀

Edit: I already got few questions about badges, so here is quick explanation: You will get +1 of “usage” for given class if it’s used in deck, if you have used it’s defenses in layouts, if you have used it in deck, and what’s important – both private and public builds/layouts count, so you will unlock it pretty fast.

Edit2: After some thought I have decided to lower requirement of hero usage to 10 (5 for gender swaps and dps classes), so those badges will be easier to get, more as an encouragement. 

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