dd2tools is back up

Website was down for last few hours because I had some server problems.

I’m using my client’s server temporairly, so I have no support, but well, it’s free and it’s fast…

Problem is fixed now. Sorry for trouble everyone!

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Bugfixes and some info after survey

Hello Defenders!

Thank you for filling the survey, keep it coming! In the meantime I saw some requests/reports I would like to answer right away:

whenever I try to add a shard to my collection, it puts the checkmark on the shard, but when I go into my profile the shards collected amount isn’t updated, and when I go back into the shards page, the shard I selected isn’t checked like it was

Adding shards to checklist was indeed bugged, thank you for pointing that out. Fixed.

I prefer if the shard database is quicker to access.

I will be tring to somehow optimize shards database, it may be problematic, but I will see what I can do. I won’t give you any ETA on that tho.

It would be nice if you could create builds on mobile devices

You can! Decks, Heroes, Layouts, if you have any problems with that, don’t hesitate to ask me 

I would love to see some information on how to upgrade such as typing in stats of an item and it saying that it’s the max for C3 or even C4 that way we can tell when we’re ready for another chaos.

Maybe add in a thing to convert prices of items to other qualities like some of those spreadsheets do.

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Small update and a question for you

Hello everyone, I wanted you to know that work on dd2tools continues, some of you could experience some downtime of the page, that was/is caused by the struggles with server, but I’m constantly working on it and there should be less and less problems.

Lately i was fixing some bugs and optimizing the website, and I have changed copy shard function a little (a lot). Earlier you could copy link to a shard, and after pasting it, shards page would auto filter for that shard, but when i saw how MrJuicebags was using shards from here on his videos i saw an improvement room. Now you can use icon in upper right corner of the shard (after hovering) to copy link that will look like that: https://dd2tools.com/shards/deadly-strikes/, after opening it, you will see dynamically generated image:
Deadly Strikes

You can use this as image source anywhere (for example in steam guides in [img] tag) without worrying it will be outdated after changes to the shard.
You can also post such link on Discord Discord to immediately display image on chat.

Huge thanks goes to chakratos, creator or dundefplanner.com for helping me with that!


I also have few questions for you, if you would be so kind, please fill the form below and let me know what do you think about dd2tools, what should I do next, what are you using the most:

DD2 tools survey

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Thank you!

I wanted to thank you all for helping and supporting dd2tools, it seems like planner and everything else is working properly.

Since layout planner launch I have fixed some access issues (for example for some of you SSL was returning an error) and few other minor bugs (and latest MrJuicebags video/live stream link on the front page). Also maybe some of you noticed, that page is running smoother. That is because I optimized it where I could (pagespeed jumped from 44 to 97 after few weeks of work!) and temporarily I’m using my client’s dedicated server in exchange for some work on his website, I don’t know how long I will be able to keep dd2tools there tho.

For some time, I will be only working on some minor bugs, small improvements and changes, some 5-minute ideas I’m constantly having, because I need some rest and family time (and i need to play actual DD2!) ;]
DD2Tools took most of my free time for at least 4 months (OMG!). But that is not the end of my work, I want to add as much tools and features as I can, some of them I have somewhere in the back of my head, some ideas I’m taking from your suggestions and discussions on discord or reddit. So keep ideas, suggestions, bug reports (or currently needed: max stat values per chaos tier) coming, if you think of anything, let me know in comments below, contact me here via PM or find me on discord.

I hope you enjoy using dd2tools, if you do, share it, post it, worship it, and if you would like to – support it using patreon/paypal links in sidebar/footer, not required (and never will be) but most certainly appreciated and awesome.

Best of loot to you all Defenders!

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Initiate codes winners!

Thank you all for participating in the contest, so many shards updated, so many layouts!

But to the point…

Shard update winner is:

Zonk with over 30 shards updates sent for 27 shards!

Clarification: some players sent me different drop location of some shards (shards that came out with C7), i haven’t yet published those changes, because this requires confirmation, but you all still got a point for sake of this contest!

Most popular layout winners are:

TheMolchii with 6 likes on amazing layout:

Almost AFK Farming C3 Throne

And  Professor Alligator, also with 6 likes:

C3 Bastille

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Layout planner & GIVEAWAY!

last 24 hours, go ahead and post your layouts somewhere, gather more likes!

The time has come! After looooong time of work, I have finished layout planner, and while it’s not bug-free, it’s working and it’s mobile friendly!
And most importantly, DD2 just left early access, Congrats Trendy!

One would think this peak of awesomeness, but amazing Trendy prepared you a suprise…


You have a chance to win new hero in DD2: Initiate (!), this time it won’t be random winner roll, I have 3 codes to give! So lets make it more interesting…we will have a contest!

And the rules are simple:

  • This was unclear last time, so first rule is: If you won, i will contact you here via PM, so make sure you have your real email filled in user profile, so you will get email notification, because you will have 24 hours to respond to my message, after that time, next user will receive reward.
  • You can’t already own Initiate, it you have one, code won’t work and will be wasted
  • Everyone wants new hero asap, so contest will be short, only 48 hours starting now (well, +/- 8 hours because it’s midnight where i live :D), after that first winners will be revealed (and they will have additional 24 hours to respond).

    You have two ways to win…
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