Changes, new feature.. and bugfixes

Hi all, some time passed since my last post, so I’m writing a little update, this time with actual “something new”.

It turns out, waiting with releasing planner was good decision, changes shown in latest DevStream gave me some additional work with Incursions and new class. While i still don’t know what maps will be in all incursions, I had at least some time to plan ahead for that change. I still have some minor bugfixes in planner to take care of.

Meanwhile, I managed to fix some issues and change some things.

  • Likes system was replaced, I have control over registered/guest likes and you can see what you liked on your profile page (unfortunately, I had to reset all likes).
  • Help system was changed, now a little question mark icon in top left corner on some pages will have ‘splash’ effect if you haven’t seen any help yet, and after clicking on it, there will actually be help! (No way!)
  • Some search functions didn’t work properly, now all will work as planned, hero, tag, game type/difficulty, keyword etc.
  • I also managed to seriously compress whole website and make it waaay faster, with that, some of tools I used here had to go
  • And lots of other minor bugfixes

I also wanted to make scaling table/charts for every stat of every tower based on some spreadsheets others made, but.. It would be SO MUCH WORK! Don’t get me wrong, I’m planning to do that, but only after layout planner will work flawlessly and I will finish some more things I want to do here. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do at least part of it.

So… new feature is…

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Server problems, minor changes

Some of you noticed that is not working (508 error), I’m using small cloud hosting, and dd2tools started reaching its restrictions. It’s not strange with increased stress on server from my layout planner work and more and more users using dd2tools lately. I’m currently not in good place to buy better server, but after I will finish planner, I will be trying to somehow optimize the website so it will use less resources.

Anyhow, I have some positive news too: while I was working on planner, I realized that hero builds can be “universal” throughout whole game, but layouts won’t be, and I’m not only talking about differences in chaos difficulties, but also differences in game types. While Incursions have only hard mode now, and Onslaught (is there onslaught in the game?…..) is dead, it doesn’t mean those game types won’t be back. So because it will be much safer and easier to do it now rather than in future, I have added checkboxes for both difficulties and game types to hero/deck/layout creator.

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Putting it all together (planner ETA)

Hello all, I want to keep you all to know I’m still working on the planner and not abandoned the project. And today I can tell you when it will be finished.

While layout planner itself is finished (well, in 99%), I need to do some tests and set proper maps scaling for every map, and I don’t want to release it without certainty, that any change made in the future won’t crush old builds. While we are on testing subject, I’m still looking for anyone willing to test planner and send me suggested maps scaling, there is even a chance, you will be rewarded for your help, but it might be only my eternal gratitude… 🙂 If you want to help with map scaling, please drop the comment or msg me directly.

Also, while working on the planner, I saw few bugs that need to be fixed. For example, tag search and overall search is “a little broken” (that means it’s not working :D), I will focus on fixing them now, so when planner will be published, all will be working as intended. 

And when planner will be released?…

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Layout Planner status update

Nope, planner is not ready 🙂

I came across some problems i can’t find a way to deal with when programming planner. EV2 beams and responsiveness of planner are HUGE pain in the code and i will have to deal with them longer than i suspected. The main problem is i want this planner to be way better than i did back in the day, that means i’m planning to make planer with following features in addition to what had:

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Hero builder changes and tagging

I’m sure you all know about Loot Changes Trendy announced. I predicted that stats/shard slots on items may change when building hero creator, so adjusting dd2tools was relatively simple.

Because we all are aiming for legenaries (only those will have 4 stats and 3 slots), now in hero builder you can add up to 3 secondary stats to your items and every item now has 3 shard slots (SO AWESOME!).  

But the question is…

With ALL the stats on relics, does it really makes any sense to put them all when you are creating hero build? Please check hero builder and let me know if 4 stat slots should be there, or i should simply leave only primary stat on relics.

Unfortunately Trendy’s post was not clear in 100%, so i’m not sure if armor AND relics will have 4 stats (legendary), also i don’t know if you will be able to roll multiple different elemental damages on weapon, but for now, i’m publishing the version of updated hero builder i made: 3 secondary stats on everything and only 1 elemental dmg on weapon (because weapons with 3 ele dmg would be soooooo OP :D).

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