Hero builder instructions

Like i promised before, i have free 5 minutes, so here are short instructions for hero builder:

To create hero build, hover/tap “+” icon in bottom right corner and select class. There you need to fill title of your build, description (try to write every little detail that can help others build such hero), you will also have an option to select difficulties that build is good for (some won’t work for some chaos levels) and status of your build.

Public build will be visible for all on hero list (and when i will create it: on your public user profile) while private posts will be visible only for you from your personal user profile (also, not yet implemented), you can also share private builds with your friends by sending them direct link to it.

And now…. the fun begins!
After filling all that boring and unnecessary info, you can “put” shards in your hero gear/relics and select stats every gear piece should have in your build.

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Hero builder is ON!

Hi all, i see the number of registered users is growing, so it’s about time to introduce to you version 1.0 of hero/deck creator.

Thanks to amazing Trendy team i got hero arts and all the icons for it.

Remember that this is “beta” version, so if something is not working or you would like additional functionalities , make sure to leave the comment.

I will add help section soon and i’ll write some more about builder, but atm i’m away from pc, i’m writing this from my phone.

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Make a shards checklist!

After doing my dailies today, i have realized that i would like to know what shards i still want to get from Chaos 1,so I have added a little functionality to shard list (for registered users only)…

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Builder preview

Hi! I know some of you want to see new features here, so i wanted to tell you: i’m working on it! It’s pretty time consuming to program all the new features between work and some family time, but i’m trying my best.

I hope hero builder will be finished within a week.

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Max stats!

Thanks to work of Usamattan (aka FreeTheGamer) who gathered all the information i have used to calculate some simple formulas you can now see under calcs max stats per difficulty for legendary items.

I hope to figure out formulas used in item upgrades soon, so i will be able to make a simple calculator for that, but for now, i don’t play, so i can’t gather any data for that :/

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Shard drops

There is some confusion on how and where the shard is dropping. This page might say Chaos 1, but you dropped same shard in Chaos 2.

Well, the case is simple, every Chaos difficulty can drop shards from lower difficulties. So if you found a shard in lower difficulty report it using the form on shards page!

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