Putting it all together (planner ETA)

Hello all, I want to keep you all to know I’m still working on the planner and not abandoned the project. And today I can tell you when it will be finished.

While layout planner itself is finished (well, in 99%), I need to do some tests and set proper maps scaling for every map, and I don’t want to release it without certainty, that any change made in the future won’t crush old builds. While we are on testing subject, I’m still looking for anyone willing to test planner and send me suggested maps scaling, there is even a chance, you will be rewarded for your help, but it might be only my eternal gratitude… 🙂 If you want to help with map scaling, please drop the comment or msg me directly.

Also, while working on the planner, I saw few bugs that need to be fixed. For example, tag search and overall search is “a little broken” (that means it’s not working :D), I will focus on fixing them now, so when planner will be published, all will be working as intended. 

And when planner will be released?…

I guess it won’t be a surprise – I will (at least I want to) publish it the day DD2 will go live.