Recent updates and a favor to ask

So… limited (no) time, but I managed to make some minor changes.

Hyper shards are now highlighted on the list, and you can filter them (“found in” filter), I haven’t changed shards update form by much, I was planning to add few inputs where you can specify if ir’s hyper, how many stars are required, or it’s fixed passive from wayferer etc, but due to lack of time I had to do something more general so you can now add notes when sending shard update request.

And now it’s time for some bigger math… [Vicious Strikes] is not working properly in planner, but because I have only 5 stars and no time to earn more, I have to ask you to help me.

If you have [Vicious Strikes], please take few minutes of your time and send me some screenshots of defenses. To compare [Deadly Strikes], [Vicious Strikes] etc i need screens of one defense with combinations below:

  • with [Vicious Strikes] only
  • with [Deadly Strikes] only
  • with both [Vicious Strikes] and [Deadly Strikes]
  • info if you have 0/50 or 50/50 gambit (i need only screens with no gambit at all or maxed out one)
  • screens made on any map excluding private and public tavern
  • visible both place where defense was placed and where range can reach

So it’s basically 3 screen per defense (on playable map) with info on gambit, and I only need few defenses, aura or two, something like cannon and ballista, and something with big/low range, like earthshatter or SGT and a trap or two.

Best way to send those screens would be using dd2tools discord.

Thank you all in advance!