Server problems, minor changes

Some of you noticed that is not working (508 error), I’m using small cloud hosting, and dd2tools started reaching its restrictions. It’s not strange with increased stress on server from my layout planner work and more and more users using dd2tools lately. I’m currently not in good place to buy better server, but after I will finish planner, I will be trying to somehow optimize the website so it will use less resources.

Anyhow, I have some positive news too: while I was working on planner, I realized that hero builds can be “universal” throughout whole game, but layouts won’t be, and I’m not only talking about differences in chaos difficulties, but also differences in game types. While Incursions have only hard mode now, and Onslaught (is there onslaught in the game?…..) is dead, it doesn’t mean those game types won’t be back. So because it will be much safer and easier to do it now rather than in future, I have added checkboxes for both difficulties and game types to hero/deck/layout creator.

Difficulty and game type checkboxes are independent, it will be easier to “tag” builds this way. I started making those dependent on each other, like Camp or Incursions don’t have chaos difficulties, etc, but I decided to leave it independent, so it won’t require much of my (and authors of builds) attention after each major change in game affecting difficulties and game types.

Another things I have done past week was search engine fix, not only tags were not working, but also class search without specifying type of build (hero/deck) and few other things. Search should be working properly now (with ability to search by game type too…. but in order for that to work, authors have to update their builds).

I have fixes some bugs with links to hero builds (view and edit) on user page and some other things I don’t even remember now.

Again, sorry everyone for trouble, I will be trying to somehow lower usage of server resources, but I have lot to do with planner (and some other things, like life, etc :D).