Small update and a question for you

Hello everyone, I wanted you to know that work on dd2tools continues, some of you could experience some downtime of the page, that was/is caused by the struggles with server, but I’m constantly working on it and there should be less and less problems.

Lately i was fixing some bugs and optimizing the website, and I have changed copy shard function a little (a lot). Earlier you could copy link to a shard, and after pasting it, shards page would auto filter for that shard, but when i saw how MrJuicebags was using shards from here on his videos i saw an improvement room. Now you can use icon in upper right corner of the shard (after hovering) to copy link that will look like that:, after opening it, you will see dynamically generated image:
Deadly Strikes

You can use this as image source anywhere (for example in steam guides in [img] tag) without worrying it will be outdated after changes to the shard.
You can also post such link on Discord Discord to immediately display image on chat.

Huge thanks goes to chakratos, creator or for helping me with that!


I also have few questions for you, if you would be so kind, please fill the form below and let me know what do you think about dd2tools, what should I do next, what are you using the most:

DD2 tools survey