Thank you!

I wanted to thank you all for helping and supporting dd2tools, it seems like planner and everything else is working properly.

Since layout planner launch I have fixed some access issues (for example for some of you SSL was returning an error) and few other minor bugs (and latest MrJuicebags video/live stream link on the front page). Also maybe some of you noticed, that page is running smoother. That is because I optimized it where I could (pagespeed jumped from 44 to 97 after few weeks of work!) and temporarily I’m using my client’s dedicated server in exchange for some work on his website, I don’t know how long I will be able to keep dd2tools there tho.

For some time, I will be only working on some minor bugs, small improvements and changes, some 5-minute ideas I’m constantly having, because I need some rest and family time (and i need to play actual DD2!) ;]
DD2Tools took most of my free time for at least 4 months (OMG!). But that is not the end of my work, I want to add as much tools and features as I can, some of them I have somewhere in the back of my head, some ideas I’m taking from your suggestions and discussions on discord or reddit. So keep ideas, suggestions, bug reports (or currently needed: max stat values per chaos tier) coming, if you think of anything, let me know in comments below, contact me here via PM or find me on discord.

I hope you enjoy using dd2tools, if you do, share it, post it, worship it, and if you would like to – support it using patreon/paypal links in sidebar/footer, not required (and never will be) but most certainly appreciated and awesome.

Best of loot to you all Defenders!