Word on shard drops

I’m constantly getting shard update requests, some of them are description corrections, updated damage numbers, but some of them are different drops.

While I’m able to verify descriptions easily, I won’t be changing shard packs until I will verify new information by myself or by my trusted helpers.
Some time after trials update I received shard drop locations (packs) from Trendy for shards in Camp to C5, and for now, none of shard updates regarding those specific shard drops were true, I can’t recall shard update of C6 and C7 shards with different drop location than reported originally to be true either (but those were never confirmed by Trendy).

So please, if you are sure, you got specific shard from different shard pack than you see here, use edit (pencil) button on that shard in shard list page, change the drop  and send update request, but it will take a while before I will be able to verify that information.